Saturday, November 1, 2008

Crisis of imperialism: Obama, the economy and the war against the African community

It’s the weekend before elections and if you want a sobering look at who Barack Obama’s financial backers, political advisors and policies really are, check out the website of the African People’s Solidarity Committee:

Our powerpoint slide show on the truth about Obama is there. Also, there you can see our presentation on the current crisis of the U.S. economy (which an Obama presidency will not resolve).

Finally we urge everyone to sign the online petition for reparations to be paid by the city of St. Petersburg, FL for the murders of four teen-aged African men in the past several years by law enforcement. Much background information is available right on the home page about the police murders of these unarmed young men and the cover-up by the Florida good old boy network.

Javon Dawson had just ended his sophomore year at Gibbs High School when he was shot in the back by Officer Terrence Nemeth after a graduation party in June of this year. Nemeth had recently returned from four years as a marine in Iraq—transferring from a job with the U.S. international occupying force to a job enforcing the U.S. domestic occupation of the African community.

Despite the fact that 300 other students and at least 12 other cops were present at the scene the only person who witnessed Javon “with a gun” at the scene was Nemeth, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement report justifying the murder.

If popular support can force the City of St. Petersburg to pay reparations this would establish an important precedent. Reparations would be more than just a financial settlement. It would involve an apology to the families and the community and a commitment to end this violence against the African community.

We are beginning to see fear of martial law manifesting among white people as we learn that the government has stationed the army at Ft. Stewart, GA to handle “civil unrest” in the general population as the crisis of imperialism deepens.

Well, martial law has been in place targeting the African community for a very long time.

FEMA camps? More than a million African people have already been herded into concentration camps called prisons. Thousands of African people—mostly young men—are murdered and brutalized by police annually. Helicopters fly over black communities and Machine-gun toting SWAT teams break down people’s doors on a regular basis.

It’s time for us to take a stand against what is already going on in this country—not just cry when it affects us. If we are interested in any level of democracy defend the rights of African people who live under a U.S. counterinsurgency right here!

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