Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No matter who wins the ship is still sinking

Election day news predominates but if you really search you can find all the grim economic facts that are being relegated to the back burner for today, anyway.

No matter who becomes president he faces an economic crisis beyond repair. We are witnessing the implosion of a system resting on 500 years of plunder, slavery, genocide, rape and domination so that some could enjoy the resources of everyone else.

As the Mohawk Nation News recently put it, “The stock market crash could be the best thing that ever happened to save the planet…As we watch the demise of the exploitation of our lands and resources, we are seeing a show that is over and no one is clapping for an encore…It’ll never be the same again…”

All around the world people are indeed cheering the downfall of U.S. hegemony, even as many vainly hope that the Obama presidency will change the world.

Despite a momentary upward move by the U.S. and global stock markets things are dire.

Here are some of the headlines:

Bloomberg.com: September Factory Orders Slide More Than Forecast

New York Times: 2 European Banks Offer Gloomy Outlook

New York Times: Automakers Report Grim October Sales

Wall Street Journal: More Utility Bills Go Unpaid

Washington Post: Credit Card Losses May Surpass Historical Peaks

Jerusalem Post: Shipping news suggests world economy is toast

For all those still seeking change with Obama, just remember that he got most of his campaign contributions from Wall Street and he’s got to pay the piper now. His campaign finance chair Penny Pritzker and possible Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin are going to help him do just that. (See the “Obama Exposed” powerpoint at apscuhuru.org)

The Uhuru Movement is changing the world in a positive way, working for unification, justice and liberation for African people everywhere. For us from the white community the Uhuru Solidarity Movement offers us a lifeboat from the sinking Titanic. Climb in!

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Anonymous said...

I'm white and was looking at Cynthia McKinney then Sarah Palin came along and I voted for Obama.

I couldn't risk Sarah Palin getting in as she doesn't see opponents she sees Witches, Demons, and Devils.

Sarah Palin believes areas that do not agree with her totally is possessed by evil forces. Sarah Palin spiritual warriors believe the can raise the dead!!!

I'm sure they are going to place Sarah Palin in Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens seat if he is forced to step down. Sarah Palin will then be in Washington DC getting her 'experience' much as the Democrat Party Barack Obama got 'experience' enough to justify his candidacy.

Anyone have more analysis of this aspect?