Monday, December 29, 2008

Victory to the Palestinian people! Victory to African people!

Stop the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people!

Gaza and all of Occupied Palestine was stolen by the U.S. and European-backed Israeli settler colonizers who live as parasites on the backs of the labor and resources of the Palestinian people.

Israel continues to bomb Palestinians, slaughtering children and the civilian population. Now Israel is reportedly preparing for a ground invasion.

The Palestinian people have a human right to fight for their land, resources and national liberation by any means necessary.

Check out this clip from BBC coverage of the third day of Israeli bombing of Gaza.

U.S. President-elect Obama says he will “monitor” the situation in Occupied Palestine from his vacation spot in Occupied Hawaii. Obama’s imperialist Zionism is clear as his chilling silence on this atrocity speaks volumes.

A London Independent article from Sunday, Dec. 29, notes that when Obama traveled to Israel in July 2008 he stated, "’If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. The state of Israel faces determined enemies who seek its destruction, but it also has a friend and ally in the United States that will always stand by the people of Israel.’”

“Underlining his point,” the Independent continues, Obama “held a press conference next to a collection of spent rockets in Sderot, the Israeli town near the Gaza border, which has been a frequent target of rocket attacks from Hamas militants.

“Today as the Israeli military pounded targets in Gaza for a second day, Mr Obama’s key strategist David Axelrod, appeared on the political talk show Meet The Press and reminded viewers about the president-elect’s visit to Sderot...

“(Soon to be Secretary of State Hillary) Clinton,” the article states, “has long taken a hard line against Hamas, describing them as a terrorist organization whose administration in Gaza cannot be recognized until it renounces violence and recognizes Israel’s right to exist. She has also spoken out against the International Court of Justice when it questioned the security fence Israel has built along its border.”

The Independent article also reveals that Clinton is considering sending Obama’s recently appointed Middle East policy advisor, devoted Zionist and neo-con Dennis Ross to Israel as her envoy.

A former staffer for Paul Wolfowitz, member of AIPAC, the Israeli lobby and supporter of the Iraq war, Ross wrote Obama’s speech to AIPAC given just hours after he won the primary. That was the speech where Obama prostrated himself to Israel, promising them sole proprietorship of Jerusalem, something no other head of state or even the United Nations has ever done.

The Palestinian people are the victims of colonial terror carried out by the illegitimate Israeli state. The only “solution” to this problem is for the Palestinian people to regain their land and self-determination back. Every Palestinian person dispersed around the world has a right to that land.

But we must recognize the same colonial terror is being carried out right here inside the illegitimate U.S borders in our name against African, Mexican and Indigenous people!

Gaza is right here in West Oakland, North Philadelphia and the south side of Chicago.
Border wall? It’s here, attempting to keep out the people from whom the southwest US was stolen as soon as gold was found in the Sierra mountains.

Forcibly dispersed populations? African people are in this country as a result of the slave trade. Africans did not come to the U.S. “for a better life,” they were forced here under sheer terror and made to labor like cattle in a system that created the foundation for all the wealth of America today.

State terror against oppressed people? The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world with 2.5 million people locked up, mostly for being African and impoverished. An estimated 10 million young black men put through the prison system every year. This is the only country in the world that puts black children in prison for life without possibility of parole.
The U.S. carries out daily police raids murdering black youth in the back, sending out low-flying helicopters and SWAT teams breaking down doors of citizens of African communities. This is done in the name of drug crimes, 75% of which are in white communities.

Bombings of oppressed communities? The city of Philadelphia carried out the bombing and burning of a whole African neighborhood surrounding the MOVE organization house 20 years ago.

Built on wiping out of the Native people and the enslavement of African people, the U.S. taught the world about genocide, slavery, terror, lynching and colonial domination.

It’s not enough to denounce U.S. terror we’ve got to join in solidarity with African and all oppressed peoples in their struggle to liberate their land, resources and self-determination.

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, under the leadership of the African-led Uhuru Movement. We must do our part in changing this imperialist-dominated world.

Join in building a movement of North Americans and Europeans who recognize that our genuine interests in a future of peace on this planet can only come through justice. That means U.S. imperialism has got to go!

African, Indigenous, Palestinian and all oppressed peoples have a right to struggle for their freedom and independence. National liberation: the solution to the problems of the world; the only road to peace.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Three reasons why Obama's economic recovery plan won't work

Sunday’s New York Times announced that soon-to-be U.S. president Obama’s “Recovery plans expand as outlook dims.”

Obama upped his goal for jobs to be created during the first two years of his administration from 2.5 million to 3 million.

All this for the bargain price of only $800 billion, a mere drop in the bucket compared to the $8.5 trillion—almost 60 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product—that the federal government has committed to recent financial bailouts.

But Obama’s ambitious 3 million job goal will not offset the 2 million jobs lost this year plus the 4 million projected losses in 2009.

And that is not counting all those people who are underemployed or who stopped looking, along with the millions of mostly African and Mexican people falsely locked up or otherwise tied up in the colonial prison system in this country.

Imprisoning African people has been the number one economic stimulus plan for white America for the past 25 years.

Obama is going to attempt to stimulate the economy and save the dying capitalist system by pouring government money into infrastructure, energy, health, education and support for the poor and unemployed.

Comparisons with Depression-era president Franklin Roosevelt are flying and optimism is growing, but here are 3 reasons why Obama’s economic plan won’t work.

1. Roosevelt’s New Deal didn’t work either.
What brought the U.S. out of its economic crisis of the 1930s and into the mass prosperity of the 60s and 70s was not the New Deal. It was the fact that the U.S. emerged from the Second Imperialist War as the leader of world capitalism.

After 1945 the U.S. now controlled all the resources and near slave labor coming from nations that had been colonized by the British and French for the past hundred years. Stolen wealth of a capitalist system built on slavery and genocide flowed into the U.S. and the dollar became the world reserve currency.

2. FDR’s New Deal was carried out at the expense of the majority of the African community.

Roosevelt’s social programs such as welfare were for white people only. White farmers were paid a government subsidy to not plant crops, leading to thousands of African share croppers being pushed off farms.

The establishment of minimum wage caused the layoffs of black workers. Racist unions were bolstered keeping African people out. Social security excluded agriculture and domestic service, jobs held by 75 percent of the African community.

What would the New Deal have cost if it included African people? While it is not likely that Obama would be able to blatantly exclude the black community from his plan, he has completely denied the crushing poverty and martial law in African communities and the oppression coming out the legacy of enslavement in this country.

Obama has not even addressed the unjust, two-tiered, Jim Crow U.S. prison system that holds two and a half million mostly poor, mostly African people. With his myth of a “post-racial America” Obama covers over the fact that the majority of the U.S. poor are and long have been African and oppressed people.

Unless Obama’s recovery plan consciously goes about “leveling the playing field,” it will never benefit African people in this country to the same extent that it will the white population.

3. If Obama is serious about trying to rescue capitalism from its current crisis he would demand that Wall Street bankers be brought to trial for their criminal acts in defrauding U.S. citizens. He would call for complete transparency and force the bankers to open up their books and disclose all of their “toxic assets” that now remain hidden.

Of course Obama is not going to do that. Instead, he enlisted into his cabinet and team the same old criminals who helped create this crisis. Obama’s chief economic advisor is Robert Rubin, the Citigroup Director who is being sued for the same kind of fraud that Bernard Madoff just got exposed for!

Obama’s Secretary of Treasury will be Timothy Geithner, the head of the New York Federal Reserve bank who facilitated the fraud being carried out on Wall Street in the past several years. Please! And what about Wall Street insider Mary Shapiro who will be head of the SEC?

(See: Government bailout hits $8.5 trillion by Kathleen Pender,

Bad Deal: How FDR made life worse for African Americans

Prison economy: The real economic stimulus plan

With 2.5 million mostly poor, mostly African people incarcerated in this country, the prison industry has long been a massive economic stimulus package. Primarily located in the countryside, prisons are the third largest industry for rural white America, following casinos and hog farming. Prisons mean jobs and development for white people at the expense of African people.

There's lots of talk about recovery programs, but here is an article from the St. Petersburg Times that tells the real story about how the powers that be are planning to rebuild the economy. It doesn't matter if the administration is republican or democrat, their strategy for African people is the same: crminialize, impoverish, imprison.

St. Petersburg Times, December 20, 2008:

"More than 100,000 people in state prisons

Miami. Florida's prison population topped 100,000 for the first time Thursday, making it third in line after California and Texas.

To prepare for more prisoners, the state has purchased and begun setting up tents to house inmates, though none are being used.

Department of Corrections Secretary Walter McNeil told lawmakers this month that prisoner growth shows not signs of stopping.

The State will need to build 19 prisons in the next five years if nothing is done to slow the growth, he said.

He estimated the cost at $1.9 billion, nearly equal to the department's annual budget."

There are currently 137 prisons in Florida, so 19 more is about a 12 percent increase. As if one in eight young African men in prison is not enough!

Justice and reparations for African people now!